Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Town White Coffee

C says:

We’re slowly realising that Upper Bukit Timah has lots of little eateries just waiting to be discovered. Old Town White Coffee, a Malaysian cafe chain, is located at the corner of Chun Tin Road and Yuk Tong Avenue (near the Cheong Chin Nam Road stretch), in a unit with surprisingly high ceilings, giving a nice impression of spaciousness.

They’re known for their white coffee, which in Ipoh apparently refers to coffee that has been roasted with margarine and possibly some sugar as well, resulting in slightly caramel undertones. For fear of being kept awake, I steered clear of the coffee but A ordered an iced white coffee. He ordered the regular strength one and already it was thick, strong and not overly sweet; I can’t imagine how much more potent the Enriched White Coffee (Gao) would be.

I tried one of their new dishes, the Dry Curry Mee, but it was a little too similar to Mee Rebus for my liking. The sauce was a bit too thick, and the use of yellow noodles didn’t help. Next time I’ll try their Ipoh hor fun, which is supposed to be their speciality anyway.

A ordered the Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken, which was quite a large portion and was pretty good. The nasi lemak sambal was just the kind I like – spicy and not too sweet, and the rendang chicken didn’t skimp on flavour either.

They have some outdoor seating so this is another viable post-gym option when we’re in smelly workout clothes. The noodle portions are quite small so it should be just nice for post-running. Still, I’d like to come here in the day so that I can have a full cup of coffee on my own without risking a sleepless night.

A says:

This area is the Siglap of the West. And with less horrible parking problems!

So anyway, the food here is very good (although the portions are rather small for the price).

And the coffee is POWER!

Old Town White Coffee
9, Yuk Tong Avenue
Tel: 6467-4404


Kian said...

Thier chicken curry mee the gravy is not bad too. Cept the chicken breast slice abit the dry dry type. U can try it next time.

cknewsstand said...

I would recommend another place in that area:

It's a lovely ride into the cafe, and food is good too!