Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More sandwiches from Da Paolo at The Sail

C says:

I got a chance to try more of Da Paolo’s gourmet sandwiches sooner than I thought. Another late night for A meant that we met up there for a quick dinner after he got off work.

We went for the 2 that I was eyeing previously – the Parma Ham with Emmental, and the Mortadella with Provolone. On hindsight, that may not have been the best pairing because they ended up looking almost identical, and tasting quite similar too.

Parma Ham with Emmental

Mortadella with Provolone

I preferred the mortadella, because the taste of the ham was more pronounced in every bite. In contrast, the bites with the parma ham were good, but they were few and far between and the majority of the sandwich just tasted like tomato and cheese.

Tonight’s sandwiches weren’t as good as the previous one I had, because they toasted them for a bit too long, which made for a very tired jaw by the end of the meal, and injured roofs of our mouths from being poked and scratched by overly crunchy ciabatta. Still, it’s not enough to prevent me from trying the other yummy-sounding flavours; I just have to remind them not to toast them for too long.

A says:

I’m really liking this place. And since I’m currently working, I can still afford to eat here.

Da Paolo Gastronomia
The Sail
#01-15 Tower 2
Telephone: 6224-4148
Open daily 9.30 am to 9.30 pm


Winnilicious said...

Which part of the Sail? How come I didn't notice?

Not near the Harry's?

atetoomuch said...

C says: It's kinda on the other side, closer to the One Marina Boulevard (NTUC Building). You have to walk past Harry's. It's near the taxi drop-off point inside The Sail.

A says: It's on the South-West side of the building.