Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bergs Burgers

C says:

We had high hopes for Bergs, a fairly new burger joint in Far East Square, but were sorely disappointed. The restaurant looks pretty enticing, with an open kitchen and the menu scrawled on chalkboard walls, and the website promotes itself as an authentic Australian burger joint, but it really didn't deliver.

The menu sounds enticing enough, with regular beef burgers, a lamb burger, a number of chicken burgers, a fish burger and even a couple of vegetarian options (tofu and falafel). Each burger comes in Small and Berg sizes, with fries sold separately. I went for a regular beef burger (the Berg) with brie, and A chose the Kiwi Stud – the lamb burger.

The Berg comes with red onion, lettuce, tomato, aioli and ‘Bergs sauce’. When you order the Berg with cheese, you can choose between brie, edam and swiss cheese. The best part of the burger was the brie – they were very generous with the cheese and it added a really nice flavour to the burger. Other than that, there isn’t much to recommend. The patty was ordinary, and the bun was not only untoasted, but it was cold, which was slightly disconcerting when paired with a hot patty. My main complaint is that the combination of flavours just didn’t go. The aioli was pungent and garlicky, while the Bergs sauce was undefineable but predominantly sweet. When combined, it just tasted downright weird.

A’s Kiwi Stud didn't fare much better. The ingredients were the same, just no cheese and a heavily spiced lamb patty instead of beef. The patty tasted like a kebab, and again with the aioli and Bergs sauce, which again led to quite a taste confusion.

On to other aspects of the place. They must have the worst ventilation system ever, because the place absolutely reeks of frying burgers. Indoor seating is pretty much out of the question, and even sitting outside, we weren’t spared the oily pong. And even though this is a proper restaurant, not fast food, the burgers come unceremoniously wrapped in plain paper then dumped in a brown paper bag.

If I’m going to spend $28 on a meal (the burgers averaged $10 each and we ordered a side of fries and a drink), I’d rather have the sandwiches at Da Paolo Gastronomia.

A says:

It’s okay only. Not really blown away by either of the burgers I tried. And the wait is seriously long, even considering they were nearly empty at the time we went.

Would I recommend it? Only if you couldn’t leave the area and were desperate for a burger.

Bergs Burgers
137 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel: 6438-6505
Mon – Sat: 10 am to 10 pm


My Caddy said...

Hmmm ... I don't think I'll be looking for that burger joint then.

Sparkling or Still said...

Thks for reviewing it.

Wanted to go try, but luckily read your review first.

Anonymous said...

I found the burgers amazing.. real meat, fresh with great flavours. They were more than a meal for average spend $15. You can't get that good value in Singapore,given the fresh quality of ingredients. A great new concept and nothing like it in Singapore.

iLoveChoc said...

Went to Bergs for a quick lunch with folks in the office. Burgers are a good size, but the price is rather steep. Main grouse, they are soooo...stingy on their sauces(and additional are chargeable)All things considered, Carls Junior, to me tastes better since the price is similar, and they don't charge you an arm and a leg for fries and drinks.

Anonymous said...

Just went there & tried their Kiwi Stud ($15). Food's considerably good. Portion's generous & gotta mention the ingredients are really fresh! But it's way too heavy price for a burger. And the service is rather poor.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had come across this review BEFORE I went to BERGS ... what we had were greasy and tasteless, if not for the sauces which came with the burgers. Then again, no consolation because as ate too much had put it clearly: it was a taste confusion. The sauces were, in my opinion, weak ... could not taste the wasabi in the wasabi mayo and mayo was ... sigh ....

Word of caution: DO NOT be blown away by the fanciful names of sauces and description at their website. There was nothing gourmet about the burgers.
Gourmet pricing + non-gourmet food = rip-off ... unless you don't mind being ripped off.