Monday, July 20, 2009

More from Old Town White Coffee

C says:

We came back here again tonight to have the other items that we were meaning to try – the Ipoh Hor Fun, and the Curry Mee (soup).

The Ipoh Hor Fun was quite a surprise. Expecting the usual dry version that we’re so used to, we were quite taken aback when a bowl of soupy noodles arrived. Only after we clarified that our order was correct, did I suddenly remember P telling me ages ago that the hor fun here was very different from what we get here.

After the initial shock, I actually grew to like this a lot. The soup is slightly thicker and richer than normal clear fishball noodle-type soup. The flavour is subtle and clean, yet not bland. Perfect for when I’m feeling virtuous and can’t bring myself to order the unhealthier options.

The default noodle for the Curry Mee is the thick yellow noodle but I’ve never been a fan cos it’s very starchy and heavy. I tried to get them to change it to Nissin noodles (since they have a Nissin soup noodle on the menu), but I guess Nissin noodles cost more, because they said we can change to bee hoon or kuay teow, but not Nissin. I switched to bee hoon, and it was pretty good. The gravy was rich, and didn't taste of peanuts like a lot of curry noodles gravies.

On cousin L’s recommendation, I decided to try the iced Gao. Wow… I think the regular iced coffee is quite enough for me. The Gao packs a serious punch, and just a tad too potent for my liking. Alas, even though we were there quite early tonight, the caffeine still got the better of me. So, no more Gaos for me, at least not at dinner time.

A says:

It’s not really my kind of Ipoh Hor Fun but it’s not bad. I’ll probably stick to the rendang rice. At least this place has more options for me. Will stick with the regular iced coffee though.

Old Town White Coffee
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