Tuesday, August 06, 2013


C says:

I recently discovered to my absolute horror that Jewel Coffee in Shenton Way no longer serves their chicken wings with kicap manis dip! When I asked the owner the reason for this travesty, he claimed that besides me, not many other people ordered, let alone obsessed about, the wings. He said we could try the wings at the Jewel Cafe outlet at Rangoon instead.

Alas, they're just not the same. The wings at Shenton were marinated in a gingery/Shaoshing wine marinade, and the best part, only the mid joints were used. At Rangoon, they're more typical deep fried wings - not bad, but not distinctive. Rangoon's default dip for their wings is a chicken rice chilli. I asked for kicap manis instead, but that too fell short of the one they used to serve at Shenton, which had chilli padi to liven things up.

All is not lost though. The OMG burger at Rangoon is pretty damn good - beef patty with sunny side up egg, crispy bacon and a slice of luncheon meat. Sounds a bit overkill but it's a stellar combination. The patty was more medium than we would have preferred, but apparently we can specify medium rare when ordering.

I'm still pretty distraught that my favourite wings are no more, though. The quest

A says:

Er, this post is mostly C's chicken wing rant so I have nothing to add.

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JT said...

U guys should check out bacchanalia. Their tiramisu is unlike anything I've ever tried. Their savoury dishes are really good too - I love their mushroom dish.