Sunday, August 11, 2013

Il Lido

C says:

A belated birthday dinner with the gang saw us going back to Il Lido in Sentosa after a few years (I think our last visit was for a Restaurant Week lunch a few years back). Having never been for dinner before, I was quite taken aback by the prices - appetizers started at $30, their pastas ranged from $38 to $65, and their mains were $58 to $88.

Given the fairly scanty menu and the prices, everyone decided to just go with the degustation menu - still by no means cheap at $158, but it still seemed the most sensible. Service was a bit strange - they were very polite, but when we asked for bread, they said it was still being baked, and when the bread finally arrived it was lukewarm/room temperature?!

After a couple of amuse bouches to tide ourselves over - some kind of crab meat with tomato sauce, and a risotto ball with black truffle, the first course was a salmon roll filled with snow crab and caviar.

Next on the menu was the foie course. They kindly acceded to W and A's requests to switch the foie to something else, so they got an elaborate scallop dish that unfortunately looked better than it tasted. The scallops were overcooked and hence a bit rubbery.

A had the spaghetti with uni that was on the menu, while I asked for them to prepare the risotto with frog's legs and asparagus instead. The latter was extremely disappointing - the risotto didn't have a very good texture or consistency, and the frog's legs turned out to be hard, dry cubes of meat that could have been any mystery meat. I tasted a bit of the uni spaghetti and that seemed to fare much better.

I must say that they executed the wagyu beef main course really well, though. Possibly simply due to the quality of the product, but the beef was insanely flavourful, and cooked really well too.

Dessert was pretty generic - a hazelnut fondant cake with chocolate gelato.

I think the meal was saved somewhat by the very tasty beef, but I don't think I'll travel all the way to Sentosa for this for no reason, especially given the prices.

A says:

Pretty good. Also pretty expensive. In terms of quality and price, it's somewhere in between Osia and Joel Robuchon's places at RWS. So maybe you could consider it if you're stuck in Sentosa and want a fancy meal.
Il Lido
Sentosa Golf Club
27 Bukit Manis Road
Tel: 6866-1977
Open daily: 12 noon - 2.30 pm; 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

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Jeremy said...

They're on the palate promotion so I think their prices are skewed to accommodate that.