Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ragazzi – the Italian kitchen

C says:

Ragazzi is an unassuming Italian joint (run by Singaporeans though, not Italians) situated in a coffee shop in Ghim Moh. For a place that operates out of a stall in a coffee shop, the menu is surprisingly extensive, offering a full menu of starters and soups, pastas, main courses and desserts.

We went there for dinner on Thursday after A got back from reservist. We decided to share a pasta and a main course so that we could try a wider range of their offerings. We had the mushroom alfredo spaghetti, and the Carne Misto – a mixed grill for meat lovers.

I quite liked the pasta; in fact I preferred it to the meat, but A disagrees. The noodles were pretty well cooked, the cream sauce wasn’t too rich and heavy but still had good flavour, they were very generous with the mushrooms (shitake and button), and it didn't suffer from the fate of most food court pastas, i.e. it wasn’t overloaded with garlic such that you didn't taste anything else.

The Carne Misto was a sampler of most of the main courses on the menu. There was a lamb and sausage kebab, a portion of steak, and a huge lemon and thyme roast chicken leg, all served with side salad and mashed potatoes. Initially I thought this was good, but after a while the flavours started merging and everything ended up tasting the same. The chicken was good initially, but while it was well flavoured, the meat itself was a bit tough and lacking any sweetness. The lamb on the other hand had a rather strong aroma – avoid this if you not a big lamb eater. The steak was passable, though they looked a bit puzzled when we wanted medium rare when they asked “do you want it medium or well?”

My one complaint would be that their cutlery really isn’t suited for hard core meat dishes. Their knives are like butter knives, so it was a challenging and rather tiring affair trying to make my way through all that meat with such pathetic knife. Other than that, this is pretty decent and since it’s so close to home, definitely a good option for a simple meal. Reasonable too – our meal cost us $24 in total.

A says:

It’s not a destination point, but definitely an option for around the area. The sauce was a bit too watery for my tastes. Lots and lots of mushrooms though. I’ll try the salmon alfredo one next and hope they’re just as generous.

Ragazzi – the Italian kitchen
Block 10, Ghim Moh Road
Fu Chan Food Paradise
Tel: 9693-4228
Open daily: 12 – 2 pm; 5 – 9.30 pm

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