Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Les Bouchons

C says:

The last time we were here, we shared the massive cote de boeuf so on Wednesday night, we decided to try their steaks, in order to compare them to those at The Steakhouse.

Well, it’s not a direct comparison because although A ordered the fillet here as well, I ordered the rib-eye whereas at The Steakhouse I’d ordered the New York strip. Since the rib-eye is by nature a more tneder cut than the strip steak (sirloin), my steak here was better than the one I had at The Steakhouse, mainly because the rib-eye had the perfect combination of flavour and tenderness.

A fairer comparison would be A’s fillet, and here the result differs. While also done to a perfect medium rare, and well seasoned and chargrilled, somehow the fillet at The Steakhouse had an inexplicable extra oomph. I don’t know whether it was the quality/flavour of the meat itself, or the seasoning, or the fire, but it had just a slight edge over the one at Les Bouchons.

Les Bouchons is still a friendlier, less intimidating place to done, and the free-flow fries (try saying that fast ten times) are extremely addictive. It’s a good place for a quick meat fix, but if we want to seriously satisfy a steak craving, I think The Steakhouse is the place to do it.

A says:

While I think The Steakhouse has better steaks, I’d rather come here because of the casual atmosphere, unpretentious staff and sizeable portions.

Les Bouchons
7 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 6423-0737
Lunch: Monday to Friday 12 to 2 pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday 7 –
10 pm

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