Sunday, November 04, 2007

Langues de Chat (Cat’s Tongues)

C says:

Just a quick post to say that I made cat’s tongues (or for you Francais people out there, langues de chat) over the weekend. My fourth attempt in three weeks – cat’s tongues are supposed to be light, airy, and melt-in-the mouth, and my first two attempts yielded butter cookies rather than cat’s tongues, but after some recipe tweaking and method honing, I think they’re on their way to being proper cat’s tongues now.

I have to say that I think using good butter does make a difference, especially in recipes where the flavour of the butter is really apparent, like these. I wouldn’t bother for recipes where you can’t really taste the butter, like maybe coffee or chocolate cakes/cookies, but using President French butter, as opposed to my usual el cheapo butter from Phoon Huat, did affect the outcome positively. (No, I’m not sponsored by President butter. I wish...) The cookies turned out buttery yet not oily-tasting. It’s double the price of the el cheapo butter, but depending on what you’re making I think it’s worth it.

A says:

I actually prefer the taste of C’s failed attempts (if you just consider them cookies and not cat’s tongues). They’re bloody addictive though, and not helping my attempts to lose weight.

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