Friday, November 09, 2007

Lard Bee Hoon

C says:

My colleagues M and L were shocked that I’d never heard of this institution – the artery-clogging breakfast bee hoon from a stall in The Arcade. Instead of the dry brown economy bee hoon that’s quite common, this pale bee hoon looks anaemic but tastes anything but. It’s fried with lard, fatty canned Maling stewed pork, and topped with more crunchy bits of lard. Heaven… A few strips of bok choy are added, lest one labels this dish unhealthy…

I was sold from the first mouthful. Trying to restrict myself to having it only once every few months is going to be a challenge.

A says:

The good: the noodles are nice enough to eat on their own. The bad: I prefer generic fried beehoon with luncheon meat and lots and lots of sambal chilli.

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