Wednesday, July 04, 2007

PaPi: Update

C says:

We ordered take-out pizza tonight from PaPi – the Salmone pizza, which has smoked salmon, marscapone cheese and arugula. This was a seriously good pizza. They were extremely generous with the smoked salmon, and the mouthfuls with the creamy marscapone were absolutely heaven.

Note: if you intend to call ahead and jump out of the car to pick it up, give them a longer lead time. I gave them 10 minutes and although they said on the phone that it would be ready within that time, I had to wait inside for another 8 minutes or so. Better give them about 20 minutes to be safe.

A says:

I had to wait quite awhile in the car but this pizza was worth the wait. Loads of salmon and cheese toppings. Could be one of the best pizzas EVER!

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