Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Farewell to PaPi

C says:

Aaarrrrggghhh!!!!!!!! Once again, the Curse of A&C lives on! To those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this curse plagues restaurants that A and I are fond of and frequent quite regularly. Simply put – they close down. It has so far afflicted Tamade, which used to be at Robertson Quay, and TeaSpa, which steadily closed down each and every one of their outlets (all of which we used to frequent).

Our latest victim is PaPi. I’m extremely upset, because I thought that we’d found the perfect place to get takeout pizza on our way to my folks’ place for dinner. In fact, I found out because I was there tonight collecting 2 pizzas, and when I casually asked them how business was, I was told that this is their last week, and from next Monday (16 July) PaPi is no more.

I thought they were another victim of poor clientele, but apparently they initially had no plans to close down; they were going to close for renovations when they received an offer for their premises that they couldn’t refuse. So they decided to sell it and make a profit, and concentrate their efforts on their main restaurant (Oso) as well as Oso Privato, their private dining concept.

Well for what it’s worth, even though it’s now a moot point, I ordered the Regina (cooked ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce) and Pomo (sliced tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, onion rings, garlic and chilli) for take-out, and while nowhere near the Salmone, the Pomo wasn’t too bad. The chilli added a nice kick, and I liked the pungency of the garlic too. The Regina was a bit bland, and the ham was too finely chopped so it ended up turning soggy quite fast.

Oh well, PaPi was good while it lasted. Guess we have to get our takeout pizza from Peperoni in future.

A says:

Indeed, a sad day for pizza kind.

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Unknown said...

that's it... you stay AWAY from la petite cuisine!!!