Monday, April 30, 2007

Old Airport Road Food Centre

C says:

Damn Yummy King! I was watching an old episode on Asian Food Channel (the wonders of Smart TV) featuring fried hokkien mee, and I started to get serious cravings for it. One of the stalls featured was the famous Nam Sing at the Old Airport Road Food Centre, considered by many to be one of the best fried hokkien mees in Singapore. A and I were on leave on Monday and had a few errands to run in the vicinity, so we checked it out.

The Old Airport Road Food Centre is currently undergoing renovations, so some of the stalls have moved to the temporary site next door. They’ll be at the temporary site until about July this year. As a result, quite a few stalls may be using this period to take a break, but luckily for me, Nam Sing is still in business.

This fried hokkien mee isn’t very oily at all. In fact, it relies heavily on its soup stock for flavour, because there isn’t even any pork lard or belly pork to give it extra taste. Just a good balance of thick yellow noodles and laksa beehoon, some squid and a few prawns, and good control of the fire. There’s a good wok hei flavour to the noodles, and the stock is out of this world – rich, full-bodied and fragrant. This place also doesn’t serve sambal with the noodles either, claiming that it affects the taste of the dish. Instead, they provide you with cut red chillies if you want some heat.

This food centre also has two famous wonton mee stalls – Cho Kee and Hua Kee. We found Cho Kee (the one with the digitised signboard flashing your queue number) right next to Nam Sing in the temporary market so we decided to try it out. It was pretty tasty, and the wontons were really good – meaty and smooth, but the soup was tasteless. Still, this is another Yummy King recommendation – taxi drivers’ pick for best wonton mee, according to the certificate proudly displayed at the front of the stall.

If you have other favourites at the market, then I’d recommend waiting until the renovations are done, because it seems that a number of stalls have opted not to move. Best to wait until everyone has moved back in July.

A says:

The place is a mess. I’ll wait till the hawker centre proper reopens before heading back.

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee
Permanent address: Block 51, Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-115J
Closed on an ad-hoc basis

Cho Kee Noodles
Permanent address: Block 51 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre #01-113D
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (not sure about this)

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