Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ka-Soh Restaurant

C says:

I brought A here for dinner on Saturday, after he missed a family dinner here because of work. We had the sliced fish bee hoon again, the house special pork rib and the egg fuyong, which were all delicious. Here’s a photo of the house special pork rib in all its glory (since the last time I had it was as take-out for A):

We tried a side dish as well, from the Japanese menu. It was simply labelled Century Egg Tofu, but that’s too simplistic a description, because it’s actually tofu with crab stick inside, chopped century egg pieces on top, and drizzled with a sauce made from century egg yolk. The dish was cold, and quite a refreshing way to start the meal.

I’m really on a roll with the Chinese food. A’s being good to me… maybe he wants something…

A says:

Good food. Good service. No problems with parking. If only it was a bit closer.

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