Friday, February 05, 2010

Friends at Jelita – an update

C says:

We ended up at Friends at Jelita, almost 2 ½ years after our last visit, after a last minute decision to do our weekend grocery shopping on Friday night instead. We wanted a simple, fuss-free dinner so we bypassed some of their fancier options in favour of their tried and tested squid ink pasta.

While not quite as full bodied and flavourful as it was before, this was still very good, and once of the better squid ink pastas around. It’s a pity that they now use spaghetti instead of the previous pappardelle. I think the smooth texture of a flatter pasta goes better with the sauce than spaghetti. Still, for $19 this was a very satisfying dish.

We also shared another starter pasta – cold angel hair pasta with seaweed and tobiko roe ($15). This was reminiscent of the one at Ember but without the shaved abalone. It may have lacked the finesse of Ember’s but it was a very good (and cheaper) alternative.

If you go for the basic dishes, prices are quite reasonable, and overall it was a very pleasant meal. Methinks we may be doing Friday night grocery shopping more often, at this rate.

A says:

Much better than I expected. The service is still a bit blur, but the food is excellent.

We’ll probably make this a semi-regular dinner spot in the future.

Friends at Jelita
293 Holland Road
#02-04 Jelita Cold Storage Building
Tel: 6463 1011
Open 12 noon to 10 pm daily

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