Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Smoke Shack

C says:

A and I have eaten here separately on a number of occasions, but we met for lunch here today so that we could finally write about it.

Located at the Market Street car park, Smoke Shack is a welcome addition to the Raffles Place lunch scene, but be warned – there’s limited seating and coupled with the smells of smoked and sizzling meats, you can walk away smelling a bit like a barbeque if you dine in. Getting take-out is recommended.

Smoke Shack sells sandwiches with all kinds of smoked meats and even seafood. I’ve tried the Montrealer (smoked meat on wholemeal bread) and the smoked lamb with sautéed greens on foccacia on previous occasions, and today I had the smoked duck with blue cheese and pear on ciabatta.

The smoked duck wins hands down. The duck is tender and has a wonderfully smoky aroma, and is well paired with the blue cheese and pear. Ciabatta is also the best bread that they have there – it’s soft without being crumbly. My only complaint is the size of the sandwich. It’s slightly smaller than a 6-inch sub, and with less fillings. Definitely not enough if you’re hungry.

The Montrealer’s not bad – I asked for sauerkraut to be added so it added a nice tart edge. The sandwich is pretty big, but I don’t like the regular wholemeal bread that they use. It gets quite dry and crumbly. The lamb is ok but quite forgettable compared to some of the other sandwiches.

We also tried the steak sandwich today, which came with lettuce, tomato and caramelised onions on foccacia. There wasn’t much steak, but what little there was was very flavourful.

We noticed many orders for the Chivitos sandwich, and I’m definitely going to try that next – mozzarella, smoked ham, bacon, pickles and olives. Service has always been quite ok on previous visits, but today it seemed a bit chaotic, with mixed up and delayed orders. Still, they're definitely trying hard, so I have to give them credit for that.

A says:

Service was chaotic. You can tell they try very hard, but don’t cope really well when the rush comes. It also takes a while for food to be prepared.

When it does come though, it’s really good. I only have a few issues:
- the rye bread sandwiches get soggy cause the bread doesn’t hold up well
- the portions for most of the sandwiches are pretty small for the price ($7 to $10)

I’d suggest either going early, or going late (and risk them running out).

Smoke Shack
146 Market Street
#01-33 Market Street Car Park
Tel: 6557-2214
Mon – Fri: 10 am to 8 pm

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