Sunday, December 09, 2007

Relish by Wild Rocket

C says:

Relish is the latest restaurant to join Chef Wilin Low’s Wild Rocket family. Located on the second floor of Cluny Court, this is a place dedicated to all things burger-related. There are about ten different burgers on the menu, ranging from the classic Wild Rocket burger, to a BBQ Pork burger, and an homage to the Ramly burger (called Ram-lee Burger).

Given our (or rather A’s) love of a good burger, we were quite excited when A’s old friend S told us that Relish had opened. The place can’t have opened for more than a week, so we made our way there on Sunday night expecting to be one of only a few tables. To our surprise the place was almost full – I guess word travels fast, especially since Wild Rocket has quite a legion of ardent fans.

The ambience is pretty casual, but the sort of people that make up the clientele prevents it from being 100% laid-back. I do like the décor of the place, especially the old school wrought-iron gate at the entrance, but all I can say about our experience that night is – teething problems. We overheard the couple next to us sounding increasingly frustrated as the evening wore on, as they waited longer and longer for their dessert. Apparently they’d ordered two strawberry cheesecakes, and after waiting ages, only one arrived. When chased for the second one, only then were they told that the restaurant had run out of strawberries.

We were slightly more fortunate, in that besides the food taking an inordinately long time (though we were forewarned when we placed our order), there were no major cockups. A ordered the Spiced Lamb Pita Burger with Mint Hummus, and I had the Bacon & Cheese Burger.

A’s burger turned out better than mine. The patty was pink in the centre and therefore still tender and juicy. Surprisingly, though I was asked how I wanted my burger done – Medium Rare, Medium Well or Well Done, what I was served in no way reflected my medium rare request. The patty was actually quite hard and dry. Again, teething problems, I suppose. An interesting thing about this place is that they suggest some interesting burger-beer pairings. Coincidentally, the beer that sounded the most appetising was also the best match for the Bacon & Cheese burger - the Pink Killer, a light and refreshing grapefruit-flavoured fruit beer.

We shared the Pandan Panna Cotta for dessert, because A’s preferred choice of a Coconut and Gula Melaka milkshake wasn’t available. The dessert was a little disappointing – instead of being creamy yet light like a crème caramel, it was quite thick and heavy.

While I was less than impressed on Sunday, and there are many other places, both new and old, that I’d rather go to for a satisfying meal, because this place is right next door to our weekend hangout Serene Centre I’m still interesting in coming back one day to try some of their other burgers. Maybe after they’re ironed out their kinks somewhat.

A says:

I hope the service problems were just teething issues. While you can see that the staff do put in a great deal of effort, they just don’t seem experienced or capable. The guy at the next table waited 20 minutes before being told his dessert was out of stock, and two tables down, some guy had water spilt on him.

I suppose it had something to do with the crowd. As we found out later, Relish was featured the night before on Chubby Hubby’s blog, and in the papers that very day.

Anyway, the food was good, but not worth the price tag. There’s an interesting selection, but if I wanted a good burger, I’d rather go down the road to Renaldo’s.

In fact, the only things this place has going for it are the spacious settings, and the beverages (if you like wussy beers and/or sweet coffee).

So, my final verdict is that I wouldn’t come here unless I was in the area, La Petite Cuisine was too crowded, and I was too lazy to go anywhere else.

501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court
Tel: 6763-1547


Anonymous said...

Hmmn, your comments are similar to M's. He found it to be overpriced as although the burgers were good, they were small. I actually thought on the whole the experience was good. I had the Ram-lee burger which I thought had a pretty gourmet patty which justified the cost. Also, this place is not more expensive than similar chi chi places such as Marmalade Pantry and Whitebait & Kale. One thing horrid was some of the service - there were a few from Wild Rocket who were great - but there were a couple of clueless brainless girls, one of whom brought a burger to our table and in addition to not knowing who ordered it (which is the norm in Singapore I guess), when asked what burger it was so we could figure out whose order it was, she looked at us with a blank stare. We had to identify it ourselves and she wasn't the slighest bit apologetic. I'd say if I'm paying such prices then the service staff should at least come with brain cells

Anonymous said...

went there last thu..thought the Ramlee was fantastic!not to mention the choc cointreau milkshake!i love it! yups..a couple of brainless girls who didn't do their homework..but otherwise service wasn't that bad overall..would return juz for the milkshake!

Anonymous said...

hi! i happened to chance upon your blog as i just posted my own experience at relish. it was quite a disappointing affair i must say.