Monday, December 17, 2007

Duck fat vs lard

C says:

We haven’t been anywhere new of late, so as a result I’m getting introspective… while enjoying a particularly good duck confit at La Petite Cuisine, I was savouring the crispy duck skin and marveling at the awesome flavour of duck fat. Adding just a little bit of duck fat to anything, from salad dressing to French fries to roast potatoes, gives it so much depth and flavour. Just like how hawkers here add lard to practically everything to boost flavour.

Just as lard is indispensable in Chinese cooking, duck fat probably plays the same role in European cooking. The question is – which is inherently more flavourful? If we were to compare two plates of char kway teow, one fried with lard and one with duck fat, I wonder which would come out tops in a blind taste test.

A says:



S said...

Clearly too free huh C... Lard is inherently more flavorful in my opinion. However I think it also has a more "Asian" taste to it. For eg if you wanted to add to a salad or chips, somehow duck fat would work better in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

woot go duck lard