Saturday, December 08, 2007

Espirito Santo

C says:

I’m sure almost everyone who watched Makansutra Raw a couple of weeks ago saw this place featured, and drooled as KF Seetoh crunched his way into some delectable pork crackling. I desperately found an excuse to traipse to Parkway Parade on Saturday (buying cookie jars from Howard’s Storage World) so that we could give this place a try.

After watching the Makansutra footage with the pork crackling, I knew I had to have some sort of pork dish; the question was – the pork rack, or the pork belly? The pork rack looked a little too lean and potentially dry for my liking, so pork belly it was.

I know it’s hard to really go wrong with pork belly, but this one was very good. It actually wasn’t too obscenely fatty – just one layer of fat under the skin, and not that thick a layer, at that. The fat was flavourful, the meat was very tender and not overroasted and dry, and the crackling… wow. It was light, crisp, and everything I imagined it would be.

A had the lamb chops, which were okay but not as good as the pork. The lamb was very tender though, and good quality too, not full of fat and gristle.

I was very impressed when it was time to pay. Even though I’d already presented my Citibank credit card, the cashier voluntarily asked me if I had an OCBC credit card instead, because you get a whopping 20% off until February 2008. It’s so refreshing to have an establishment offer such information, rather than sheepishly having to ask each time. Well, this just gives us yet another excuse to come here again before the end of February – there are at least 2 more dishes on the menu that I’d like to try, including the Wagyu burger.

A says:

Good: Food and service
Bad: Price (expensive) and setting (cramped with shoppers hovering around you)

Espirito Santo
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-83B, Parkway Parade,
Tel: 6440-8867
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 9pm

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