Thursday, September 13, 2007

King George at Adam Road: Update

C says:

AAARRRRGGGHHH!!! The latest place to fall victim to the A&C curse is none other than King George Delights at Adam Road Food Centre. After a rather long (about 2 months) hiatus from the gym due to A’s workload and illness, we’re getting back into our gym groove and went to Adam Road for a post-gym dinner tonight.

King George is GONE! When I asked the Seafood BBQ man whether they were renovating, he said they closed down due to lack of business.

SOB. Their fish soup ROCKED! And it was the only place to get a healthy post-run dinner too. Where on earth can we go now?!

If anyone out there knows where King George might have relocated to, please please let us know.

A says:

I preferred the fried rice.


Anonymous said...

Aarrgghhh indeed!

I loved their fish soup mee sua, and beef fried rice.

Anonymous said...

That Y comment above is not me hoh. Its my sis. heh. Think if i ever have the time, shall try and see if they kept their stall at commonwealth or tanglin halt or whatever that place is called..

atetoomuch said...

A and I were just talking about going to look for them there. Whoever finds them first, must share!