Wednesday, August 01, 2007

San Duo HK Shao La Roasted Meats

C says:

A and I were on leave today, and after our usual foray to Mustafa Centre (we never go on weekends because of the frightful crowds), we decided to try a few stalls around the area that we saw on Yummy King.

One was this roasted meat stall, opened by a genuine Hong Konger. In fact, you can almost imagine that you’re in Hong Kong because you speak to them in Chinese and they respond in Cantonese. Anyway, A had the char siew siew yoke rice, and I had the roast duck noodle.

The roasted meats were a bit of a disappointment. The char siew and siew yoke were nothing fantastic. I think my grandmother’s roast pork is better, and the char siew was too sweet and not sufficiently charred and smoky. Check out my grandmother’s roast pork and you’ll see what I mean : )

The duck noodle was saved by the noodles. The duck was tough and chewy, but the noodles were really good. Delightfully thin and springy, and tossed in a light but tasty gravy, I could happily just eat the noodles on their own. I can only imagine how good the wonton noodles are in Hong Kong, if these noodles are any indication. The chilli oil was pretty good too.

This stall sells roast suckling pig too, but they don’t prepare it for sale on a regular basis. You have to call 2 days ahead to place the order – a whole pig is $120, and half is $60.

Well, I’m not sure if we’ll come back here but if we do, I’m having the noodles for sure, and perhaps with a failsafe soya sauce chicken.

A says:

It was a let down. Not worth having unless you’re already there.

San Duo HK Shao La
206 Syed Awi Road
Tel: 6392-9372; HP: 9487-7738
Open daily 11 am to 11 pm

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