Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wanton - Seng's Noodle Bar

C says:

This place exudes such a hipster vibe that we were all prepared to dislike it... Until we tasted the food. And now we can't wait to go back. 

At dinner time, it becomes a higher end noodle bar, where you order the plain noodles (Nudles), and order separate proteins and other accompaniments. 

I could honestly just keep going back for the Nudles alone. The noodles were perfectly springy, and even though they looked plain, they packed serious flavour. I reckon it was a combination of shallot oil and lard. Absolutely delicious. 

We ordered one each of the char siew and roast pork. The char siew was really tender and sweet. The roast pork had some of the best cracking we've had in a while, but the non-fatty part of the meat was a bit dry and tough. 

Even their baby gailan was tasty. It was topped with their "gangster sauce" - a mix of oyster sauce and mushrooms and probably more of that tasty lard. Even A enjoyed this. And he normally doesn't like gailan.

Their eggs were a bit ordinary in comparison with everything else. One was an ordinary ramen egg topped with chili sauce, and the other was a scotch egg of sorts which pretty tasty. 

They have free flow lard (whee!), as well as a simple soup. But the Nudles are really the main thing worth going back for. 

A says:

The best noodles I've had. Everything else is average. The roast pork skin was amazing but the pork itself was dry. He char siew was good but nothing to shout about. The eggs were interesting but not super special. So yeah. Go for the noodles. 

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