Sunday, July 05, 2015


C says:

We tried Sorrel a few weeks ago, and the fact that I've put off writing about it till now is an indication of how we felt about it. Yes, it was quite good, but nothing to shout or rave about.

We had the 7-course set dinner for $118, which includes a few snacks and an amuse bouche before the courses proper. 

First course was edamame and ikura with creme fraiche. The edamame was nice and fresh, but honestly with good ikura, it was hard for this dish not to be good. 

Next up was a seaweed cracker with uni and egg custard. The centre bit with the uni was predictably good, but the rest was quite ordinary. 

Luckily the next two courses were standouts. The langoustine was my personal favourite of the night. The giant langoustine was perfectly cooked, and served in a shrimpy broth with diced shrimp, glass noodles and a hint of laksa leaf. The crowning glory was a deep fried prawn head. 

A's favourite dish was the veal sweetbreads served with bacon-infused chestnuts and a beetroot butter. The sweetbreads were earthy and very well prepared, and the beetroot butter sauce packed a ton of flavour. 

In contrast, the main course of wagyu beef was a bit of a letdown. It was quite boring, and beef wasn't particularly flavourful either. 

After a pre-dessert course of sorbet, we had 2 desserts. The first was a chocolate banana cake with a rum ice cream and caramelised walnuts. 

The second was a rhubarb and meringue dessert that wasn't really up our alley. 

So yes, there were a few really good dishes, but overall the experience wasn't something that I was dying to come home and write about. 

A says:

Very good but not great.

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