Sunday, December 09, 2012


C says:

Yet another Star Vista discovery. This Malaysian chain's first Singapore outlet just happens to be at our favourite neighbourhood mall. It's a bit like Old Town, but with a more varied menu.

They have quite a wide selection of breads, including a steamed Hainan kaya bread that's quite hard to come by. The bread is nice and soft, and the best part is the cold, salted butter. Their naan with curry sauce wasn't exactly naan, but the crispy bread with a fragrant curry dip was pretty tasty anyway.

The dry Ipoh hor fun with steamed chicken was okay. The chicken was soaked in an extremely sweet-salty sauce, and in contrast the sauce for the hor fun was a little insipid. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not, but overall (and perhaps by default) it worked.

There's quite a lot of potential on the menu - there are a number of dishes that I'd like to try, including some of their rice sets and their desserts too. I won't say the food was outstanding, but for something simple and familiar, this is a good option.

The one downside is that there's absolutely no ambience at all. On the evening that we went, families with screaming kids made up most of the clientele. Hopefully that was the exception rather than the norm.

A says:

This is like Old Town White Coffee except the food and variety are better. I can't comment about the coffee itself yet as I tried the "cham" which is like Malaysian yuan yang, but it was weird. Not having that again. Also, the crowd tends to be grumpy old people and noisy families so don't expect a quiet dinner. But all in all, it's my new fav place at The Star Vista. Cheap and good!

1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-43 The Star Vista
Tel: 6684-3373

Opening hours:10 am to 10 pm daily

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