Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fukuichi Japanese Dining

C says:

TripleOne Somerset is becoming somewhat of an interesting dining destination, and I’m not referring to American chain restaurant Applebee’s. There are a few Imperial Treasure incarnations – a bakery, a steamboat restaurant and a Hong Kong cafe, new Spanish restaurant Bilbao, and Fukuichi, my colleague L’s favourite Japanese restaurant.

We were here on a Sunday and Bilbao was closed, so we tried Fukuichi. It’s a partnership between a Japanese chain and a Singapore fishery, and they take pride in flash freezing their fish on board the vessel for maximum freshness.

We tried the highly recommended kani tofu, which was cold tofu made with lots of crab meat, and topped with a savoury pitan (century egg) sauce. The abundance of crab meat was a pleasant surprise, and the dish was very refreshing. Even a non-pitan connoisseur like A had to admit that this was very good.

The unagi tofu that A ordered was a much bigger portion than expected, and also very good. It was like an unagi sandwich, and the tofu was soft and silky. I found the kani tofu more memorable though.

We ordered one bento to share – grilled cod with a mentaiko mayo sauce. This was quite rich and on hindsight, not the smartest thing to order at a place that prides itself on fresh fish. The mentaiko sauce all but masked the flavour of the cod. Plus the cod still had some bones, which is somewhat of a minus point in my book.

I don’t know why we didn’t order any sashimi, but anyway our one tribute to the restaurant’s specialty of fresh fish was the grilled tuna collar. This was right up my alley – the fish was fresh, perfectly cooked and sufficiently seasoned so the flavour of the fish was enhanced.

We’ll be back, but maybe not before we’ve tried some of the other joints at TripleOne. When we do come back, note to selves: try more fresh fish.

A says:

Great. TripleOne seems like a decent alternative destination in Orchard. Big plus for having a good car park. Not like the idiotic ones at OC or 313.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
111 Somerset Road
#02-11/12 TripleOne Somerset
Tel: 6271-5586 / 6472-8269
Open daily: 11.30 am to 3 pm; 5.30 pm to midnight

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Samantha said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!