Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chef Icon Nature Bakery

C says:

We discovered this place on our first trip to Highlander Coffee, but decided to come back to sample more of their goods before posting about it proper.

Not the best name for a shop, granted, but their philosophy is to only use the finest ingredients in each stage of their baking process, and they only use natural ingredients, so no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings.

They’re known for their Chocolate Travona cake (a bit like a chocolate mousse cake) and their New York cheesecake, but what really impressed us, and will keep us returning for more, are their Japanese wholemeal and snow breads.

We tried two different types of Hokkaido snow breads – chocolate chip, and cheese with raisin. The bread was so light it was almost unreal. The chocolate chip was filled with a mixture of melted chocolate and a light, almost mascarpone-like cream, whereas the filling for the cheese and raisin one was more unevenly dispersed, with some bites having a subtle cheese edge and others with full on cream cheese.

The Japanese sakura wholemeal roll with chocolate and banana was also surprisingly good; maybe I expect anything with the word “wholemeal” in it to be heavy and dry, but this was just as light as the snow breads.

We tried their coffee and liquor-less tiramisu and their cookies and cream cheesecake, but both were nowhere near as good as the breads. I must admit that it’s a long way to travel for bread, and we certainly won’t be here very regularly because of the inconvenience, but it’s worth the trip once in a while.

A says:

Awesome snow breads. The rest was so-so. And the tiramisu was strange. I’ll just stick to the snow breads.

Chef Icon Nature Bakery
5 Kampong Bahru Road
Tel: 9337-3900
Mon to Sat: 8.30 am to 8.30 pm

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