Thursday, May 31, 2007


C says:

We went back to L’Angelus again tonight for the rib-eye. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as it was on our first trip here. I’m not sure what it was – perhaps the meat was under-salted, or the meat supply itself wasn’t up to par, but somehow it lacked the sweetness and punch that we experienced before. The Gratin Dauphinois Potatoes were still out of this world, though.

However, what saved the day was my starter of warm salad with duck liver, chicken liver and bacon. It was awesome – the bacon and chicken liver pieces were sautéed with shallots, and drizzled with a tart but very delicious dressing. The salad was topped with a few slices of poached foie gras au torchon – it was runny, rich and absolutely divine.

Being a Thursday night, the set dinner was available so A decided to have it. He was in a fish mood, so he ordered the salmon tartare to start with, and the salmon fillet for his main. The tartare was surprisingly meaty-tasting, and the salmon fillet was perfectly done – still slightly rare and orange in the center.

After the slight disappointment with the steak, the salad is now my favourite dish here, and certainly something that we’ll be returning for.

A says:

My set dinner was decent. I think salmon isn’t something they do very often. With the size of their salads, I think I may order just a salad and another starter the next time I go.

And the place has a much friendlier atmosphere when it isn’t packed. Most of the servers were very friendly and not too snotty like the last time we went. It can still be a bit hard to get their attention though.

85 Club Street
Tel: 6225-6897
Lunch: Monday to Friday, 12 to 2 pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday, 7 pm till late
Closed Sunday

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