Saturday, February 10, 2007

PS Café (Paragon)

C says:

We should have known better than to venture to town on the weekend before Chinese New Year. It was absolutely packed on Saturday night, and though we planned to go to Shimbashi Soba, the queue was ridiculous, so we ended up at PS Café, which was deserted in comparison.

The menu at this Paragon branch is much smaller than the Dempsey Road one, and is more centred towards sandwiches and salads; pretty much food that you can have all day. Understandable, given that it caters to shoppers and ladies who lunch/brunch/tea.

We shared a Cauliflower and Saffron soup, which didn’t really taste either of cauliflower or saffron. Buko Nero, it certainly wasn’t. The mains fared a bit better – A had a warm salad with breaded lamb leg ‘schnitzel’. It may have been a salad but it was really filling. There were huge slices of lamb, loads of vegetables, and tons of really filling beans. The lamb was good at first, because the breaded crust was still crispy and the lamb was tender. Towards the end, the crust had absorbed the salad dressing and turned a little soggy.

I had a beef brisket pasta. The description in the menu read almost like a novel; something like: braised NZ beef brisket with roasted mushroom, tomato, asparagus and radicchio with herb tagliatelle, served with a tamarind garlic glaze. Whatever…

It was very filling. I must say they’re very generous with the ingredients. There was a huge slab of beef on top, and loads of mushrooms and dou miao. I almost couldn’t see any pasta. It was quite Asian flavoured, so again this wasn’t quite A’s cup of tea.

I had quite a delicious white wine sangria there as well. Barely alcoholic, just fruity, sweet and fizzy. I like sangria…

A says:

I have to say I’m constantly surprised that this place doesn’t give miniscule portions like other chi-chi places. I couldn’t finish all the beans with my lamb cutlets (it wasn’t a salad; it just had lots of veg sides).

My one complaint would be that it’s really hard to catch the attention of the servers. Once you finally do though, they’re very friendly, know their stuff and are willing to please.

PS Café
3rd floor, Paragon

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