Tuesday, December 02, 2014

New items at Ubin Seafood

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It’s been almost a year and Ubin Seafood is still at the top of our list for a great no-frills dining experience. Obviously the beef and heart attack rice are a must-have, but we’ve tried some new items that are pretty darn awesome too.

Soft Boiled Egg Special

Soft boiled egg served with cubes of seared foie gras, sprinkled with salt and truffle oil. There’s just no way that this won’t taste amazing.

Carabinero prawn sashimi

These prawns are served sashimi style, so you enjoy the sweet flesh with some wasabi and soy sauce, and then attack the mammoth head, filled with the richest, creamiest head juice that almost tastes like uni. At $16 a prawn, it's a bit of an indulgence but if you consider that other places serve the same prawn at over $30 each, it seems a no-brainer not to have it at Ubin.

BBQ Kurobuta pork ribs

We weren’t particularly impressed with the regular pork ribs we had previously, but the kurobuta ones on the other hand were great. Tender, juicy and succulent, and most importantly, not smothered with BBQ sauce.

Smoked bacon carbonara

Carbonara with smokey bacon served in a claypot. This was also really good, but unless we're going with a large group of people, there simply isn't enough room in our stomachs for this, as well as everything else that we want to have.

Note that all 4 of the items above require pre-ordering at least a day in advance.

My ideal Ubin menu, then, goes something like this:

Soft boiled egg special
Carabinero prawn
Kurobuta pork ribs
Beef (takeaway leftover heart attack rice)
Boss Beehoon

Collapse into food coma after.

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