Friday, November 16, 2012

Shake a Treat!

C says:

While most of Star Vista's dining outlets are branches of established joints like Itacho Sushi, Canton Paradise and Menya Musashi, there are a few independent one-off vendors that decided to set up shop here. One of them is Shake-A-Treat.

They serve custom-blended milkshakes, where you can select the ingredients, or go with some of their suggested concoctions.

This was all A, since I don't like milkshakes enough to waste my calories on them. He went with a peanut butter and chocolate blend, and was fairly impressed, but not blown away.

I can't comment on the milkshake but I do have a couple of general issues. Firstly, they have a durian shake on the menu, and when I asked if they had a separate blender for that, they said no, they just wash it after each use. It's still early days but I wonder if there'll be a durian taint after they've been operating for a while.

Also, their price includes one ingredient (e.g. Oreo cookies or graham crackers) and one topping (like Nutella). Each additional one incurs an extra charge. What I don't like is their inflexibility. If you wanted to pass on an ingredient and get 2 toppings instead, you still have to pay for that additional topping.

When we went they'd only just opened and I think we were the only customers. That was a few weeks ago, and I wonder if they've gotten busier since then.

A says:

Very good. Would be better if they let you swap between ingredients and toppings because I'd much rather have 2 toppings and no ingredients. Now if only I could have both a milkshake and a Sogurt without becoming insanely fat.

Shake a Treat!
#B1-39 The Star Vista
Tel: 6694-2161


Anonymous said...

try makeshake at city square mall. they have essentially the same custom-blended milkshake concept, but with alot more flexibility & options. their milkshakes are really thick and flavourful.

Anonymous said...

and you can choose froyo instead of ice cream for your milkshake base. your wish come true.