Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Menya Musashi

C says:

I was quite psyched to read about the opening of Menya Musashi at Raffles City, because their specialty is tsukumen, the soba-esque dipping style ramen that we were discovered at Taishoken in Ramen Champion. There aren't many options for tsukumen in Singapore so this is indeed a welcome addition.

When we got there at 11.20 am on a public holiday, there were about 5 people in the queue so we only had to wait 10 minutes till they opened at 11.30 to get a table. It fills up pretty fast though; by the time we left just after 12 there was a line of about 10.

Their tsukumen comes with 3 different flavoured broths - white (bonito and pork bone), black (blackened with fried garlic and onion) and red (with a kind of bean paste). I went with the white and A had the black.

Surprisingly, the white was more complex - you could discern the flavours of the pork bone as well as the bonito. I expected the black to be more flavourful but it turned out to be a bit one-dimensional, with the onion and garlic flavours adding subtle sweetness but little else. I preferred mine and A liked the sweetness of his, but we unanimously agreed that the smoky char siew went better with the white broth.

The dipping sauces could've been a bit thicker, since they can be diluted with soba-yu later on. Still, it was very good and a welcome addition to the tsukumen scene.  The noodle consistency in particular was really good - a good thickness and had a good bite and texture.

Interestingly, you cam order up to five servings of noodles, all for the same price of $14.90. A went with a double and I had a single.

I still prefer the complexity and full-on flavour of the tsukumen at Taishoken, but with the end of the year-long Ramen Champion creeping up on us, I don't know what future Taishoken has in Singapore, so I'm glad there's at least another alternative now.

A says:

Fantastic. Not as good as the tsukumen at Taishoken but a definite option for us at Raffles City (if we get there early enough to beat the queue).

Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6335-6500
Open daily: 11.30 am to 10 pm

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