Thursday, November 17, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

C says:

I guess atetoomuch is finally going places, if a reader deems our reviews worthy enough to pass off as his/her own. We recently discovered that substantial extracts of a huge number of our posts have appeared as someone else’s reviews. The similarities, down to certain turns of phrase that I think are quite “me”, are too close to attribute to coincidence.

Yes we’re annoyed; wouldn’t you be, if you discovered that the words that you worked (fairly) hard on were passed off as someone else’s? But at the same time I’m also amused. While some of the extracts are blatant copies, others simply don’t make sense.

Hmpf! Maybe he/she should try to copy this post too!

A says:

omgwtfbbq. No one copied what I wrote. I wonder why?


Robin said...

Sadly this happens a lot. It is a cheap attempt to grab content in order to drive clicks. Do let us know who the culprit is.

Anonymous said...

How DARE they!! Who is it?! Boycott!!


Anonymous said...

Send us the link to that site and we will go bombard it. heh! S

365days2play said...

Which site?? I thought google is smart enough these days to detect whether the site genuinly generates new content?