Monday, June 15, 2009


C says:

A was pretty psyched to find out that American sandwich chain Quiznos was going to open here, but it still took us quite a while before we finally made our way there on Monday to give it a try. The chain was brought to Singapore by the same folks that brought in Tully’s coffee, so both joints share the same premises at Far East Square.

We both ordered combo meals – I had a Turkey Ranch and Swiss with the chicken noodle soup, and A had a Classic Club with a chocolate chip cookie. Both combos also come with a soft drink.

I suppose a comparison to Subway is inevitable. Here are a few pros and cons of each:

Subway – variety of breads to choose from.
Quiznos – only white and whole wheat.

Subway – you can custom design your sub with various dressings, veges etc.
Quiznos – toppings and dressings are predetermined. However what I really liked about Quiznos is the free flow of various types of peppers, like Jalapeno and banana peppers, which added a great kick to the sandwich.

Subway – quality of ingredients themselves isn’t great.
Quiznos – prides itself on serving proper cuts of meat, no ‘mystery meats’. It shows, because the turkey in my sub was a lot tastier than at Subway.

The chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookie were both passable, but nothing to shout about. I have a feeling A still prefers Subway, but I think Quiznos has my vote based purely on taste.

And by the way, the latte at Tully’s sucks. Can you say weak?!

A says:

I had high hopes but was let down. I still prefer Subway. Funny story is that my ex-colleagues and I all swore off Subway when we were working on the account. (They were not very good clients.)

Erm, I guess all I can say is Cold Cut Trio on Parmesan Oregano with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Mustard and Mayo.

49 Pekin Street, #01-01 Far East Square
Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm
Closed on Sundays


David said...

Hey! Love your site. But I think your review of quiznos isn't fair. You should have tried their zesty steak and then you'll see what I mean. What I think Quiznos should be noted for is their toasting. "It brings out the flavor," as they would say.

Another thing to note is, while in Subway you get variety and all the customizations you could think of for your sandwich, you would occasionally end up with bad a combination of ingredients. You won't get that in Quiznos because they've preselected everything for you.

I stopped going to Subway after Quiznos. I like their sandwiches. I like the fact that the wrapper's print is in the inside for Quiznos' (it's in the outside for Subway, for certain reasons).

Anyway, just sayin... :)

atetoomuch said...

C says:

Hi David

Don't get me wrong! I was the one who prefers Quiznos to Subway. A is the weirdo who thinks otherwise ;)

Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try the Zesty Steak the next time I'm there.