Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simply Bread

C says:

Simply Bread’s latest outlet at Cluny Court is located right round the corner from Relish, which could be a good or a bad thing. Because diners are pretty much on the second floor just for Relish, they may have tunnel vision and not notice Simply Bread – I certainly didn’t until P pointed it out to me the other night. On the other hand, they may benefit on days where Relish is too packed and diners just want a simple place to have a quick meal.

The way the store is designed also has its pros and cons. The partitions at the entrance ensure that diners are somewhat hidden away from curious passers-by, so you can eat in relative peace without worrying that the people standing in line at Relish will be staring at you. Again this is a downside for them because at first glance the restaurant looks empty.

The menu is a bit skimpy – about 8 sandwiches and 4 salads for lunch, another 5 separate dinner sandwiches, and a selection of breakfast items like French toast, omelettes and eggs and bacon/sausage. I think they could do with adding a couple of hot soups so that we have the option of a soup and salad instead of a sandwich. Although they ARE called Simply Bread, after all…

I went with the salt-beef sandwich, but this turned out to be a bit boring. It was literally just slices of beef brisket on soft bread – they don't offer a toasted sandwich option for this, which is strange. After a while it got quite monotonous because there simply was no variation in tastes or textures with each bite. Watch the mustard though – it packs a serious punch!

A had the Everything sandwich, which was essentially a club sandwich without the centre slice of bread – BLT plus chicken and egg. This was better than mine; at least it was toasted and was a lot more interesting.

They have a tiny take-out section downstairs as well, right next to the Da Paolo Gastronomia, selling pre-packed sandwiches and salads. I would only come back here if I wanted a light meal and didn't feel like anything else in the area, and I think I’ll try something from their breakfast menu next time.

A says:

Unlike the Simply Bread(s) in town, this has a more laid back feel and is a simply good place to have a simple sandwich. Service is simply good. My only peeve is that the coffees are really simply small.

Simply Bread
2nd floor, Cluny Court
Tel: 6763-2628

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