Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yidu Ramen –tasty ramen at home

C says:

I was contacted by Andy and Debbie at Apex Group Asia, asking me if I was interested in reviewing a new instant ramen that they are in the process of importing into Singapore. They were nice enough to let me have a complimentary pack to sample, so I thought “Why not?”

Each pack is enough for 2 light eaters, or 1 very hungry person, and costs S$3.50 per pack. It comes in 4 different flavours – pork, chicken, beef and kimchi. My sample pack was pork, since that’s the original flavour.

The cooking method is slightly different from regular instant noodles. These instructions are assuming you use one pack for 2 portions.

1) Bring a pot of water to boil. Dissolve each pack of soup base/flavoured oil in 250 ml of the boiling water.
2) Cook the noodles in the remaining boiling water for about 2 and a half minutes.
3) When done, strain the noodles and divide evenly between both bowls of soup.

Voila! That’s it. It was really quite fuss-free, and although I couldn't be arsed to add accompanying ingredients like char siew and a soft-boiled egg, the taste was as authentic as you can get from home-cooked instant ramen. While the soup obviously didn't taste like it had been boiled for 8 hours/2 days/however long the authentic ramen restaurants do it, it was still quite tasty.

What really impressed me was the texture of the noodles. They remained springy, and tasted pretty much like what you’d get in restaurants.

A stall was set up in Raffles Xchange a couple of weeks ago to promote the product, and it was doing roaring business when I popped by. Debbie later told me that over the week or so that they were there, they completely sold out of their initial shipment.

This unfortunately means that there’s currently no more stock available at the moment. New shipments are planned for September, and while they are in talks with supermarkets to distribute the product, this may not happen for a few months. Now I wish I’d bought the rest of the flavours too. In the meantime, interested ramen-lovers will have to keep visiting their website for updates on where the noodles will next be sold.

A says:

Give a pack a try if you like ramen. For instant ramen, it’s very good. My only concern is that the portions are large enough so it becomes a bit boring without added ingredients.

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