Sunday, July 06, 2008


C says:

Tampopo has moved! They now occupy much larger premises on the ground floor of Liang Court, so don't be fooled into thinking that they're still at the basement unit within Meidi-Ya. That’s been taken over by another joint, which serves similar fare.

The new Tampopo is much bigger, but because of the publicity after its renovation, it’s also more crowded. They’ve got a really funky electronic ordering system, that not only lets you key in selected orders (sushi and sashimi) via a touch screen, but your order will get delivered right to your table via a conveyor belt. You don't have to grab it like at other sushi joints – here it’s programmed via microchip technology to actually be pushed right onto your table. Very cool; I got a big kick out of using it, much to the chagrin of the waiter.

Anyway, I’m back on my quest to try the Hamachi Kama at most self-respecting Japanese restaurants. The one here is very good value - $25 for one entire side of the head, compared to other places which only serve the collar for the same price or even more. It may have been good value, but I think the one at Akashi was still better in terms of taste. Akashi’s was better salted/seasoned, and their vinegared rice is unsurpassed.

We also ordered the aburi saba sushi – blowtorched mackerel sushi. Wow… we haven’t had a reaction like this since our first time trying the aburi sushi at Sushi Tei. The mackerel was flavourful and slightly fatty, and aburi-ed just right.

Their desserts here are also very good but unfortunately they sell out fast. And we’re not saying which are the better ones cos we want them for ourselves, heh.

A says:

I’m going to stop recommending stuff I like cause it always sells out. So with that in mind, don’t come here. And especially don’t order the desserts.

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel: 6338-3186
Open: 11.30am - 10.30pm daily


S of M&S&E said...

BTW if you are in to grilled hamachi head/cheeks, go check out the grilled hamachi at 19th Hole at SICC. Surprisingly good but bloody expensive for the teeny portion they serve.

atetoomuch said...

I have tried it there, actually. Blardy expensive indeed cos the portion is tiny. I found it a bit overcooked on the day I had it, so it didn't have that melty texture and was a tad dry.