Friday, October 26, 2007


C says:

After dinner at The Steakhouse, we didn’t feel like having their desserts; instead, we headed over to Meidi-ya at Liang Court to have the gelato from Haato.

Although gelato is traditionally Italian, Haato combines Japanese recipes to come up with unique and interesting flavours like Yuzu Sorbet and Green Tea with Red Bean. I had the Rum and Raisin and the Milk Tea. The Milk Tea was delicious – it tasted just like the sweet milky tea that you can get at Mosburger.

A ordered the Watermelon Sorbet (go figure) and the Chocolate Banana. I’m not a sorbet person, but the Chocolate Banana was great.

I have to vent though – why is it that all ice cream purveyors, including Island Creamery, insist on having Durian in their repertoire? And if they insist on doing so, can’t they store the durian separate from all the other flavours? Durian is so overpowering a flavour that it will inevitably taint the few flavours that are next to them, which is exactly what happened with the Honeydew Sorbet. A wanted to order it, but he had a tasting first and he could definitely detect durian undertones.

So, to any ice cream joints that are reading this (I doubt there are any but one can dream…), if you MUST offer durian ice cream, please try to mix and store it separately. If that’s not logistically possible, then better still – just get rid of the durian. Trust me, if the rest of your ice creams are good enough, the customers won’t miss it.

A says:

Best jap fancy ice cream I’ve had yet (not counting my usual soft serve vanillas). Too bad I can’t have my honeydew.

Liang Court Shopping Centre
177 River Valley Road
Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Unit B1-50
Tel: 6337 8835
Opening hrs: Daily 10am - 10pm

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Anonymous said...

Their durian ice cream is one of the best out of all the flavours available!