Saturday, October 14, 2006

Krispy Kremes (Original Glazed)

C says:

I really have good friends. Even though the last time we were near a Krispy Kreme store was when we were in Sydney 2 years ago, some of my friends know of our all-consuming passion for them, and whenever they’re in the Sydney airport they’ll buy some for us. A while back, S actually asked her mom to get half a dozen for us, and on Saturday, my friend L messaged me, telling me she’d just returned from Sydney and bought a dozen for us. I’m truly touched that she went through the trouble for us, since all I told her was that she had to try them for herself, not to actually cart them home for us.

Anyway, we’ve had half a dozen over the last 2 days, and there are another half dozen sitting in our fridge. Every so often, one of my friends will say “You’re crazy, they’re not THAT good. They’re just donuts. All donuts are the same.” whenever we rhapsodise about them. And sometimes, especially after a particularly long drought, I almost start to believe them. Then, I have another taste of them and I realise why we’re so obsessed. All donuts are not created equal. They’re unlike any donuts I’ve ever had – when you bite into them (even better when they’re hot off the production line), the glazed top cracks a little, and you get a mouthful of the lightest, airiest bread ever. I call them fairy cakes, heh.

By the way, when I talk about Krispy Kremes, I just mean the Original Glazed because the other varieties don’t share that same lightness and texture. They’re good, but they taste more like normal donuts.

Anyway, this post is partly about the wonders of Krispy Kremes, but also a shout-out about how grateful I am to have such great friends.

A says:

Krispy Kremes rock! They rock so hard! My first experience was when I drove an hour around LA looking for the few stores they had back in ’98 or ’99. I wanted to try some just based on hearsay (and Shaquille O’Neal’s solid endorsement that he ate a dozen at a time). I was with my brother who kept complaining about it not being worth it just for donuts. After he had one on the way back to our motel, he agreed it was worth it.

When C and I found out they were available in Sydney ’04, we finished almost 3 dozen in the space of a week. I can’t reiterate enough C’s point about the Original Glazed being the outstanding version. It’s probably an acknowledged fact since the box actually only prints two options: Original Glazed or Assorted.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the ones from the US. Someone recently brought some to the office. From Indonesia or somewhere nearby. And they're a far cry from the original.