Monday, March 20, 2006


C says:

So much for our resolution to eat prudently this weekend (cos we already fulfilled our allotted two ‘fancy’ dinners per week on Thursday and Friday). A had a pizza craving and didn’t feel like lowly ol’ Rockys, so we ended up at Holland Village where we had to choose between Sistina and Da Paolo’s Pizza Bar. Of course, A inevitably chose the more posh joint… To be fair, we’ve been meaning to try Sistina for the longest time.

We shared a mushroom soup and an insalata caprese (tomatoes and mozzarella) to start. The soup was pretty basic but somehow strangely addictive. The insalata caprese was ok but I found the one at La Vela better, probably because of the quality of the mozzarella.

The pizzas fared much better. We both had thin-crust 8 inch pizzas - I had the pizza of the day, which had bacon, salami, asparagus and mushroom (told them to hold the olives) and A had the Vespa, consisting of rosemary-marinated lamb slices, grilled eggplant and feta cheese (also holding the olives). A’s was certainly very flavourful, but I’m sure not if I could have dealt with an entire pizza on my own; for me it would’ve been a bit gelak after a while. I much preferred my more basic pizza. Also, A begs to differ, but I prefer the pizza here to Peperoni. I think the flavour of the tomato sauce base is much better. I do agree, however, that if you’re in the mood for a no-frills pizza, Peperoni is probably a better bet.

A says:

What is it with paying too much for food lately. The pizzas here are certainly very, very good, but the starters were way over priced. Maybe next time we go we’ll just have pizza or some other mains. Although I think we’ll try Da Paolo before we come back here.

And yes, I still prefer Peperoni because of its nice, clean taste (simple food for simple folk, yo!)

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