Saturday, September 29, 2007

Munchy Donut

C says:

“Around since 1991”, the sign proudly states, and I’m thinking “Eh? Really?” After surfing their website, it turns out that they started out in a humble pushcart, and eventually opened a store, probably in the East (from whence all good food seems to come…)

Most of their outlets seem to be within Cold Storage supermarkets, but lately they’ve opened a stand outside Shaw Centre. We walked past today and it was empty, so we bought half a dosen to share with A’s friend M.

(clockwise from top left: oreo x2, peanut butter, cinnamon, latte, dark chocolate)

We tried the oreo and peanut butter varieties. While not as light and fluffy as the Original Glazed Krispy Kreme, or to a lesser extent Donut Factory’s glazed variety, I must say these were quite impressive. In fact, I think they’re actually better than the flavoured ones from Donut Factory, which I find just too sweet and heavy. The oreo one was really pretty good, with cookie bits liberally sprinkled over white chocolate. The peanut butter one was actually filled with peanut butter and topped with milk chocolate. Now I’m quite interested in tasting the other flavours too.

A says:

C doesn’t seem to realise that the booth they have outside Lido isn’t permanent. She really ain’t that bright.

Anyway, the donuts were better than expected. Not great, but definitely worth considering if you have a craving.

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