Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Donut Factory

C says:

Behold! A box of Glazed Donut Factory donuts! And the best part is, we didn’t have to queue more than 5 minutes for them. Because we were at Suntec, we decided to pop by the new branch there, and figured if the queue wasn’t too insane, we’d join it. Well, at about 8 pm on a Monday night, there were only about 5 people in the queue, so I got my donuts in no time at all.

This branch has an adjoining café as well, where you can actually sit down and order coffee, sandwiches and, yes, donuts. A way to beat the queues (cos I’m sure this branch will start getting crowded once more people cop on to the fact that it’s here) is to order the donuts two at a time, because there’s a separate takeaway queue for coffee, sandwiches and up to 2 donuts.

Being a purist, I didn’t bother with the weird flavours like kaya white chocolate, spicy cheese and lotus mocha. I went straight for the glazed so that I can compare them to Krispy Kreme. Although I did change my mind while waiting for A, and got 2 extra flavoured ones from the takeaway counter – a strawberry white chocolate, and a mint dark chocolate. The white chocolate was way too sweet; the mint dark wasn’t bad but I’ll just stick to the glazed.

Verdict? Eaten fresh on the day itself, this possibly rivals Krispy Kreme Original Glazed that have been kept for a day or so, i.e. those that we bring back with us on our overseas trips after surviving the flight. It doesn’t come close to ‘hot off the line’ Original Glazed ones though, nor even at the store within a few hours after they’re made, but then again those are in a class of their own.

Having said that, we kept the rest in the fridge and had them the next morning, microwaving them a few seconds. Quite a disappointment – whereas Krispy Kreme keeps and reheats reasonably well, at least for a few days, these really don’t. Less than 12 hours after buying them, and they tasted quite stodgy and flat. That’s not to say that we won’t keep buying them, as long as there’s no queue. For lack of Krispy Kreme here, these are a fairly ok substitute. Just eat them within a few hours of buying them.

This just in: I went to their website and it appears that they’re opening a third branch in Novena Square soon. This could either be a good thing, or else quality may suffer from having too many outlets. Time will tell.

A says:

These taste good only when fresh so don’t keep ’em for too long. Would like to try the café and check out the savoury donuts. Won’t get my hopes up though as the non-original glazed donuts are rather blah.

Donut Factory
#01-193 Suntec City Tower 3

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Anonymous said...

Sayang, you got to try the DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY JAM ones! They RAWK! Have to heat up 10 secs in the microwave before consuming taste better that way, BUT I agree with A. Not fresh is really not good at all.