Saturday, September 01, 2007

La Petite Cuisine

C says:

Since our last post, La Petite Cuisine has received a good review in the Sunday Times and now the place is absolutely buzzing. I’m happy for them, that they’ve finally found their groove, but at the same time, now it’s a struggle finding a table indoors.

I tried another new dish from their expanded menu for lunch on Saturday – the ravioli of prawns and foie gras. Sitting near the kitchen, I could smell the dish being put together. First the unmistakeable smell of sautéing garlic, then at the end, the melting butter that went into making the sauce.

This was very good – quite light despite the buttery sauce. The hits of foie gras within the ravioli were heaven, and the pasta was again really thin and fine. I actually wonder whether it was made with pasta sheets, or wonton skins. Hmmm…

Anyway, for their sake (but not ours) I hope business continues to improve. Apparently they had to give up the La Cuisine space next door cos of landlord problems, so they deserve a break and I hope La Petite Cuisine is theirs.

A says:

The potato gratin RAWKS!!! Too bad it’s always so crowded now. Must be thanks to our blog.

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