Saturday, September 15, 2007


C says:

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, starting to make these at 10.30 pm on Friday night. The whole process took way longer than expected, and I ended up sleeping at 3.30 am. *yawn*

Each aspect is actually fairly easy to make – the pastry cream filling is just a simple custard, lightened with whipped cream. The Pate A Choux pastry used to make the actual éclairs and the chocolate glaze were also quite quick. The time consuming parts were piping the pastry into éclair shaped strips (they ended up decidedly uneven), waiting for each batch to be baked (takes almost 40 minutes per batch), and the hardest and most fiddly part – filling them with the pastry cream.

Still, when you combine whipped cream and chocolate, most people will forgive a few cracks, splits and oozes. These éclairs seemed to be fairly well received, so I guess I’ll be making them again soon. Only next time, I’m devoting an entire day to going through each step at my leisure.

A says:

C’s best baking bounty to date!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is C at the office. Your baking seems to be improving leh! I've not ventured to this yet, too scared too try. You are braver - looks alright to me. BTW, if I ever open any food outlet, remind me never to let you and A come due to your "A&C Curse!" hahaha ... c u in the office!