Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A meal to remember at Kite

C says:

Our meal at Kite on Sunday evening was a very bittersweet experience. We originally just meant for it to be our regular monthly (or thereabouts) visit, but then we found out that they're taking a break, and their last day of service is 27th January. We decided to pull out all the stops, and went for the 18-course omakase. Chef Dannel and the team really outdid themselves - we were wowed by some new dishes, and even old favourites were better than they've ever been before. So for posterity, indulge us as we document each dish in our last meal at Kite.

Chicken rice crackers - tapioca crisps with a chicken rice chilli and kicap manis dip

Chicken skin with bourbon glaze - definitely going to miss these

Arancini - risotto balls with dehydrated chorizo

Shaved frozen pineapple with candied kumquats and a hint of pepper and white chilli

Home-made lardo - cured Mangalica pork fat brushed with a whisky glaze throughout the curing process, torched and served with a dollop of pesto. A mouthful of pure flavour that just kept on giving.

Cured and aburi-ed saba. Beyond amazing.

More insane flavours - aburi swordfish with clams, chestnuts and coconut. So many different textures and flavours, yet none were competing for attention.

Red snapper kinilaw - a Filipino ceviche dish, with Okinawa seagrapes

42 degree ocean trout with apples, seaweed and furikake. Absolutely perfectly cooked, and all the ingredients so harmoniously balanced.

Mentaiko somen with unagi, scallop and tobiko. We've had this dish many times, and this was the best it's ever been.

Quail with carrot puree. This is retired dish, so we're really touched that Chef remembered how much we loved it, and included it in the omakase.

Seared foie gras with shaved peaches. Another new and absolutely amazing dish. Foie was perfectly seared and paired brilliantly with the fresh peach.

Iberico pork belly with bak kwa glaze. Unapologetically fat, flavourful and fabulous.

Mangalica pork collar with you tiao veloute and bak kut teh broth. One of the most creative dishes in Kite's repertoire, because of how they've reinvented, yet stayed true to, the humble bak kut teh.

Wagyu rump with bulgogi salsa and burnt corn. Again, had this a couple of times before, and it was at its best this time.

Welsh lamb with tamarind mango chutney and sliced potatoes.

Pre-dessert palate cleanser of sugarcane sorbet and yuzu zest

Forest floor - white chocolate custard, chocolate and nut soils, and passion fruit curd

A new dessert - yogurt with passionfruit, honey and pop rocks. An amazing dessert with so many different nuances with each mouthful.

Meringue with blackened lime powder

So there you have it. Kite's greatest hits, and then some. We're really sad to bid farewell to one of our favourite restaurants, but we're grateful for all the amazing things we've had the pleasure of tasting. All the best to the team - thanks for the memories.

A says:

One of our favourite restaurants in Singapore. And some of the best overall meals we've had anywhere. Their takes on local dishes and flavours are supremely creative and well-executed. And all the dishes deliver the pow of flavour I love, without being overwhelming. Perfectly balanced.

It's sad they never found their niche. Last day is 27 Jan so try to go if you can. If not, I'm looking forward to whatever Chef Dannel Krishnan does next.

Oh, and shout out to the service staff. Always so great to us. Thanks!