Friday, October 05, 2007

Sunset Bar & Grill: Update

C says:

It’s been quite a while since our last trip to Sunset, and our buffalo wing craving was reaching an all-time high. We dragged L and D there on Friday night, because Sunset is always best enjoyed with friends.

Lousy L played me out and barely ate anything (heh), because she was feeling slightly under the weather. Still, company was great, and the food was good, albeit slightly shrunken in portion size. The calamari was probably half the amount we used to get, and the ice cream for the brownie was also a much reduced scoop. On the plus side, I think they’ve got more service staff, because we barely had to wait at all for our food.

Tonight’s wings were definitely on the mild side. We ordered Level 3, weren’t satisfied with the heat level, and ordered half a dozen Level 4, which was still more than manageable. We also tried their clam chowder, on D’s recommendation. Very good – thick, rustic and full of flavour.

Ever since I heard about the impending plans to redevelop the Seletar Airbase area into a funky new aerospace hub or whatever, I’ve been meaning to visit Sunset to find out what their plans are for the future. I’m glad we came when we did, cos we managed to find out that they’re apparently moving to Yio Chu Kang (the Singtel building) at the end of the year. But fret not – their phone number will remain the same, and for an as-yet-unspecified transition period they’ll be operating from both locations, until they gradually wind up the Seletar one.

Well, this new chapter in Jerry and Sunset’s history is yet to unfold. I’m gonna miss the Seletar Airbase location though. Besides the novelty of being right next to the runway, the dark and perilous drive deep into the Airbase is all part of the fun. Time will tell, but as long as the wings are good, I’m not giving up on Sunset just yet.

A says:

Food standard has dropped but service standard has gone up. I prefer the good old days though.

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