Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuckshop: Update

C says:

Since our last trip 2 months ago, the word on Tuckshop has certainly spread, because it was absolutely packed when we tried to go tonight. We ended up getting take-out, because there was a 10 – 15 minute wait just to get a table.

The menu has changed slightly. They’ve removed the loser pizzas (not a moment too soon), and added a few new sandwiches, like Chicken Satay, and Grilled Halloumi. They’ve also got a new main – Lamb Racks, which we decided to try, in addition to the steak sandwich that we couldn’t not get.

The Lamb Racks come with a portion of house salad and nutmeg mash. They were very good, even after a 30 minute trip in the car before eating. At $18 they’ve very pricey though, and in my opinion not quite worth it. The lamb was very flavourful but very small, and to make things worse, while the menu clearly states “4 nice pan seared lamb racks”, we only got 3!!

The steak sandwich was, as usual, faultless, and the calamari was very good tonight as well. Pity the place is so packed now, but I guess that’s what happens when you serve good food at reasonable prices.

A says:

Standards are inconsistent. Have had so-so calamari and steak sandwich before. Still, this meal was really good, even after 30mins in the take-out box.

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