Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pasta again

C says:

Broke out the new pasta machine today. I got a rather el cheapo one from Isetan, because I still don’t know how much mileage I’m going to get out of it. Sure, I get a kick out of making pasta now, but it could well be a phase, so I didn’t want to invest in an over-posh one, only to have it become a kitchen white elephant.

It’s a simple little thing, with a clamp that affixes it to your worktop to keep it steady while you’re cranking away. The pasta dough itself was simple enough to make – 100g of all purpose flour for every egg, and just knead away. This is where A came in handy. After resting the dough for a while, I was ready to roll it out, through the various settings from 1 to 9.

(Unintentional artistic shot – check out A’s reflection in the pasta machine)

I must say the cutting functions didn’t work too well. Not sure if the pasta sheet wasn’t floured enough when I passed it through the cutters, but they didn’t cut cleanly. Or maybe it’s because it's an el cheapo machine… In the end it was easier to just cut it manually.

I tried to make a seafood pasta with a prawn and cream sauce, using a stock that I made out of the prawn shells. The sauce tasted prawny enough on its own, but once the pasta was added I could barely taste it. Have to remember next time to make the sauce way more concentrated, so that it holds its own once the pasta comes along.

Not sure what my next pasta will be – a simple Bolognese, or maybe a repeat of the clam one that I made a few weeks ago.

A says:

I was scared it would taste like chinese prawn noodles (hae mee, which I hate). Thankfully, it wasn’t bad with the scallops being quite meaty. I still don’t like prawns though.

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