Friday, September 28, 2007

Wishbone and Fairprice Finest - Update

C says:

We decided to give Fairprice Finest a second chance, so we headed over to Bukit Timah Plaza tonight and had dinner at Wishbone again. I wasn’t very hungry because I had a drinks party at work, with finger food catered by Penny Black, so we ordered a Malay Nasi Goreng, and a Pi Pa Beancurd to share.

We ordered the rice because we had a vague recollection that my grandfather ordered it once and it was very good. Perhaps we were mistaken, because although the rice was pretty good, it was nothing to shout about. Maybe it was the mee goreng instead…

The Pi Pa Beancurd, which is beancurd that has been mashed with some seafood and vegetables and reshaped into quenelles, wasn’t too bad, but slightly bland. We were once again too full for one of their gula melaka or pulut hitam sundaes.

Perhaps next time, because I realise that Fairprice Finest is better than I gave it credit for. My previous comments that it was no better than a regular NTUC were made without doing a proper tour of the produce aisles. I made sure I scoped it out properly this time, and I must say I’m duly impressed. Their vegetable section sells exotic vegetables like fennel, artichokes and parsnips, and I even managed to buy a blood orange from there.

Their in-house butcher is run by the sons of the Swiss Butchery guy (something Huber), so you can expect more than just the usual grocery counter cold cuts. Slabs of meat await cutting to your specifications, ranging from grain-fed sirloins to Wagyu rib-eyes, and there are sausages and cold cuts as well, probably straight from the Swiss Butchery store. Their seafood section even has clams, and they stock a range of Borges infused olive oils developed by Ferran Adria of El Bulli fame. I couldn’t resist and bought a soy and ginger infused olive oil, for an Asian twist to my salads.

While I don’t think this place will overtake Cold Storage Jelita as my all-time favourite supermarket, I do have to take back my previous dissing. I will go back again for sure, especially with the lure of Wishbone next door.

A says:

Wishbone rocks the old-school coffee house milkshake!

Wishbone Restaurant
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#B2-05 Bukit Timah Plaza
Tel: 6733-3777

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