Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Uno Beef House

C says:

My friend L has been telling me about a value-for-money joint in Toa Payoh selling good no-frills steaks. The other day I received a text message from her, saying the stall has opened a branch at Dover Crescent. That’s when I realised that the Uno Beef House that opened in the coffee house at our place was the one she was talking about. We had always assumed they were a regular Western food stall, with decent chicken chops and the like, but after the penny dropped, we went there on Wednesday night to try out the beef.

We ordered a sirloin steak and a ribeye steak (the one pictured is the ribeye). It comes on an old-school cow hot plate, with black pepper sauce, sautéed onions and mushrooms, baked beans and a giant pomme noisette. I think the sirloin was better; it had more flavour, although the ribeye was admittedly more tender.

Unlike most hawker centre Western stalls, you actually get to select the doneness of your steak here. Bear in mind that it’s served on a hot plate, so go for a level below your usual. We went for rare, which was perfect after it had spent a few minutes sizzling on the plate.

The pomme noisette was awesome – it was buttery, creamy and smooth inside, and the crust was crispy and savoury, with a slight hint of cheese. Another good thing is that they provide decent steak knives, that do justice to the meat. A steak’s worst enemy is a dull knife – a lesson that Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus has yet to learn.

All in all, I’m really quite impressed. It’s great that it’s literally right at our door-step (or rather, block-step). Next time when I have friends over for dinner and my cooking experiments go all pear-shaped, we can all just troop downstairs for what could well be a better meal anyway.

A says:

Not really a fan of hot plate steak but I must say that this was better than expected. A bit steep for a neighbourhood coffee shop but definitely worth it once you consider you get garlic bread and the RAWKING pomme noisette.

Uno Beef House
Block 19A Dover Crescent
Jumbo Food Hub

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