Friday, January 19, 2007

Teochew Porridge

C says:

This is one of our fall-back options when we need a place to go that opens late. K & J introduced us to this teochew muay stall back when they were living in the area. It offers quite a wide variety of porridge-conducive dishes, and I’m not sure what time it closes but it always seems to be open.

We had a late night on Friday, plus A was having a sore throat (again) so we decided to go for something simple. A suggested teochew muay, probably a subconscious craving for the food of his people…

We always end up ordering pretty much the same few dishes – the minced pork, giam chye, chai poh omelette, brinjal, and some sort of braised meat for the sauce. On Friday it was duck and belly pork.

The food here is pretty good, and definitely a good choice for a late dinner or supper. If some of the dishes are slightly bland, the chili dipping sauce mixed with some tau cheo delivers just enough of a sourish kick to spice everything up.

A says:

Good food but the place isn’t the most clean. The guy served my porridge with his thumb in it, the really good hot barley drink is left in an open pot in the corner, and the killer – I saw a big rat run into the kitchen/dish washing area.

That’s pretty much going to put me off going back for quite a while. Still, if hygiene isn’t a concern for you, I’d recommend this place for good old teochew muay. (btw, I’m hereby laying claim to the name of a Thai porridge stall called Muay Thai)

Lim Joo Hin Eating House
715 Havelock Road

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